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Download each Plum Book

Each Plum Book can be downloaded as a PDF file and read on your computer. These have been ‘transcribed’ by Google but much of the character recognition is wrong; this makes searching the Plum Books unreliable.

The CSV files have been extracted into fields with a Python script; these can be downloaded and opened in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel. Sadly these are only available for some years due to the format the Plum Book was printed in.

President Year .PDF .CSV Summary
Jimmy Carter 1980 PDF
Ronald Regan 1984 PDF
1988 PDF
George Bush Sr 1992 PDF
Bill Clinton 1996 PDF CSV XLS
2000 PDF XLS
George Bush Jr 2004 PDF CSV XLS
Barak Obama 2012 PDF CSV XLS
20161 PDF XLS
1 Performance Review Boards published Federal Register / Vol. 81, No. 191; 500 members, all SES.

Download all data as a .csv or .xslx file.

Download all Plum Books as a zip file.

See the raw files on Gitlab.