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1980 — 2016

Severe Limitations
  • Only one 'hit' per Plum Book is returned, eg searching John will return only one result in a Plum Book; you will still need to find it manually.
  • There seems incomplete coverage; eg. searching for Podesta will not find Skippy in the 2000 Plum Book, but searching for John will.
  • Character recognition is often poor; 'a' and 'e' is commonly mixed up.
  • See help tab for more information & solutions.

The Plum Books are indexed by two different search engines: Google & Microsoft. The results will differ depending on which company is used.

If the Bing search does work please try again at the start of the month; only a certain amount of queries can be completed per month.

You may need to turn off your Ad Blocker to see the Google Search.


  • The Bing Index has not yet added the PDF; therefore this search should not be used
  • Each search will only return one result per Plum Book; eg searching 'John' will return only one match per Plum Book
  • Searches are intermittent; for example a search for Podesta will return no results whereas a search for John will find Skippy in the 2000 Plum Book.


At the present time downloading and searching all PDFs is the only reliable way of searching Plum Books which are not yet included in the Search Recent Plum Books option.

It is possible the PDFs are indexed better by Microsoft & Google the longer this site stays online